Future of Google Glass: The Cyborg Mind

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Beyond Human, Part 3. As we steadily merge with our technology, the focus is on devices that enhance our senses and minds and knit us together in new ways.

Members of a lab at the University of Toronto have been pioneering the computerized life style. They wear their own personalized systems, full time, computer: camera, optical display, all connected to the world wide web. The most sophisticated rig is worn by the head of this unique lab, Steve Mann.

All you can see is a pair of sunglasses. But his computer is tucked into his pocket, the frame fitted with a miniature camera. His screen is projected directly onto his retina.

For Mann and his band of student-cyborgs, the larger question is not simply one of technology, but sociology. They have a utopian hope–that their inventions can foster new ways for people to connect, a new vocabularly of shared experiences.

Steve Mann
I think it is quite, quite different and quite interesting because people make this world of their own. Gives, it is a very existential principle of being able to create one’s own world mastery over one’s own destiny, and kind of a little Continue reading Future of Google Glass: The Cyborg Mind

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