5 Amazing Robots 2016 – The Shape of Things to Come – Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO

5 Amazing Robots changing the world, these do things now you wont believe – Atlas, Spot, Cheetah, Pepper, ASIMO

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Atlas humanoid robot 0:08
MIT cheetah robot 2:48
Boston Dynamics Spot robot 4:00
Pepper Robot 6:12
Honda ASIMO robot 8:00

Atlas humanoid robot

Meet Atlas, a humanoid robot developed by the American robotics company Boston Dynamics which now owned by Google.
It was developed with funding and oversight from the United States – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency or (DARPA)
Altas stands 1.8m or 6 foot tall, weighs 150Kg and is designed for a variety of search and rescue tasks.
Atlas is based on Boston Dynamics’ earlier PETMAN humanoid robot.
Atlas is equipped with two vision systems, a laser rangefinder and stereo cameras, both controlled by an on board computer.
It can not only walk across rough terrain, it reacts to slipping and retain it balance much like human can.
It has hands with fine motor skill capabilities and its limbs possess a total of 28 degrees of freedom.
It Can do advanced tasks like finding and picking up objects and if they are dropped it will try again and again until it completes the task.
Atlas can also react to external forces like being pushed or kicked and can get up if it falls over.
It can also do things like finding and opening doors, climbing ladders, clearing debris, locating valves, the sort of tasks human rescue works would need to do.

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