5 Smallest Things and Man Made Objects in the World – 2016

From sculptures so small you can’t see them fully in normal light to motors that can fit inside a human cell we look at 5 of the Smallest Things & Man Made Objects in the World.

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Nano Sculptures
The sculptures made by Jonty Hurwitz and his team like this piece called “The Gentle Giant” have now reached such a microscopic scale that they even had to create a new method of filming to show them because they are so small you cant see the fine details with normal visible light.
You have to remember that this elephant sculpture is just 1/10th of a millimetre high and yet you can still see the fine details of the wrinkles on the skin.
This and the other Nano sculptures including “Trust” the worlds smallest sculpture of a woman which is shown standing on a human hair are made using a nano 3D printer technique called Multiphoton lithography…..

Smallest hand made sculptures
Now if you thought that the previous sculptures where pretty amazing then this next one on the list will blow your mind.
Willard Wigan creates the smallest handmade sculpture in the world, figures so small that they can stand in the eye of a needle, in fact the very smallest sculpture he has made is of a motorcycle inside a hollowed out shaft of Willard’s own beard stubble and don’t forget these are made by hand, not by computer or robot or 3D printer but by hand.
These micro works of art sell for hundreds of thousands of dollars and collectors include the likes of Prince Charles, Elton John, Simon Cowell and Mike Tyson……

Smallest motor


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