8 Real Deaths Caused By Video Games

For most people blasting the zombies, killing aliens and shooting up the city streets in video games is harmless fun but for some the virtual deaths have become all too real life.

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On June 16th 2008, police were called a house in Brisbane, Australia. Once they entered they made their way to the bedroom where they found the bodies of twins, a boy and a girl in their cots. They weighed just under 5kg each and had starved to death.
This desperately sad story is one of the escapism from the real world by their mother in to the virtual world of second life…..

In Ohio, a 17 year old obsessed with Halo 3 was found guilty of murdering his mother and injuring his father after they took his game away
The teenager, Daniel Petric was so angry with his parents that he used his fathers keys to open the safe cabinate box where the game was kept along with a Taurus 9mm hand gun…..

On the 7th June 2003, 17 year old Devlin Moore was brought in to the police station in Fayette, Alabama on suspicion of guess what stealing a car AKA grand theft auto.
Whilst he was awaiting to be booked in, he grabbed the gun from one of the officers and then shot him and two others before escaping in a police cruiser. All three officers died at the scene. Its as if he planned the whole thing like he was playing the game….

Resources :
Children starved to death whilst the mother played second life 0:12

Russian Teen hammers father to death over computer game 1:17

17 year old shoots parents for taking away is Halo 3 game 2:23

Man kills three after months of playing all day on GTA 3:21

Korean man dies after gaming for 50 hours on Starcraft 4:22

Dying for a Wii, Woman die after entering a competition for a Nintendo Wii 5:13

Mother kills baby for crying when she was Playing Farmville on facebook 6:24

Chinese gamer kills fellow gamer over virtual sword in Legend of Mir 3 7:01

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