Curious Droid Announcements

Curious Droid Announcements

Curios Droid Facebook group for suggestions, resources and general chat about ideas upcoming videos is now here

1. 0:26 Firstly, the name of the face behind Curious Droid.

2. 1:35 Curious Droid – Official Merchandise store at Teespring now open

3. 3:05 I’m looking for help to increase the number of videos, looking to work with a researcher/scriptwriter and video editor, please contact me through private Youtube messaging.

EDIT : Thanks everyone, I have had a lot of replies for the work help so from now please consider it closed until further notice 🙂

4. 4:30 Looking to interview people who worked at places like NASA, ESA on iconic projects like Apollo, Space Shuttle, Space Stations etc to find out what it was like, their stories and experiences.

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