Did Reagan’s Real Star Wars Bankrupt the Soviet Union ?

Did the Real ‘Star Wars’ Bankrupt the USSR?

In the 1980’s science fact and science fiction looked as if they might become one when the American President Ronald Reagan announced the ‘Strategic Defence Initiative’ or ‘Star Wars’ missile defence system. The program was designed to break the nuclear deadlock between the US and Soviets and move beyond the threat of M.A.D. or Mutual Assured Destruction.

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But did the nuclear physicist Edward Teller over-sell the idea to Ronald Reagan and only tell him what he wanted to hear? Even as the world reacted to America’s new defence plan, Teller’s theories remained decades away from forming a working weapon. So how did just the threat of ‘Star Wars’ change the world without being put into action?

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Presented by Paul Shillito
Research and written by Andy Munzer
With additional material by Paul Shillito

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