Has Human Evolution Stopped ?

In this video we’ll look at four predictions as to which way human evolution could proceed in the future.

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Human Evolution has stopped
Many believe that because we have evolved, then it’s natural to assume the process will just continue like it has done since the beginnings of life over 3 billion years ago.
However, there are some are now saying that this may not be the case for humans and that in fact our own evolution may well have stopped.
Proponents of natural selection say that genetic innovations are only likely to become fixed in small, isolated populations.
For example, Darwin’s famous Galápagos finches each evolved from their mainland ancestor to fit a unique habitat on the isolated islands in the Pacific.
However, the modern human race is now incredibly mobile and crossbreeding makes it much less likely for potentially significant mutations to become established in the gene pool.
The main way that evolution works is by natural selection or the survival of the fittest as Darwin stated but this mechanism is very much sidelined by humans because of the advances in medicine and health care.
The fittest will no longer spearhead evolutionary change, because, thanks to medical advances, the weakest also live can on and pass down their genes.

Humans Will Continue to Evolve
Whilst one group say human evolution is dead, Other scientists see plenty of evidence that human evolution is far from over.
Here are a couple of examples that are recent adaptations which are the first steps in further evolution.
1 Lactose tolerance in European peoples. Normally children lose the ability to digest the lactose in milk after they have been weaned. This leads to people having an intolerance to the lactose which makes them feel sick if the drink milk. This is true of many people from Asia……


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