How Powerful is the Sun ?

Why is the sun hot?, now before you jump on the comments and say “because it’s the sun, stupid” think about it, our sun is basically a giant nuclear reactor at the centre of our solar system but not like the ones on earth.

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They create energy by nuclear fission, that is they split large atoms like uranium in to smaller lighter ones and in the process it releases large amount of energy. Atomic bombs also work in the same way which is why they are so destructive.
The sun creates its energy by nuclear fusion, the most efficient way to create energy in the universe, other than matter-antimatter annihilation. Fusion works the other way around and fuses nuclei or the centre of atoms of the lightest and most abundant element in the universe, hydrogen, together under enormous pressure and heat to create helium, the second lightest element. Again, in the process of doing this, a huge amount of energy is released and this ultimately provides the energy for all life on earth.
Compared to the earth, the sun is massive, you could fit 1 million earths in the sun and still have a bit room left for a few more. It measures 864,000 miles across, the earth by comparison is 7918 miles across.
At the centre of the sun is the core, this is heart of the sun where 99% the nuclear fusion takes place, and even this is about 200,000 miles across, 16,000 times the size of earth. As the mass of the sun’s core is so great, the effect of gravity is so strong that the pressure in the core is about 265 billion times greater than that of the air pressure at sea level on earth. This enormous pressure pushes up the temperature to 15 million degrees Celsius and its this combination of pressure and heat that allows fusion to occur and the energy to be released.
Every second, the core of the sun converts 600 million tons of hydrogen to helium. Of this, about the equivalent of 4 million tons of hydrogen is converted into energy.

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