Interview with ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano with timestamped sections

In depth Interview with ESA Astronaut Luca Parmitano (time stamped) whilst he was at Star City, Zvyozdny Gorodok Звёздный городо́к in Russia about his work with ESA on the ISS (International Space Station) and various aspects of his views about space and working in it and how and why he became an astronaut amongst other things.

Jump to questions & sections of the interview by time stamp below.

00:16 Intro
02:03 What made you become an Astronaut?
05:18 Going through the ESA Astronaut Selection
19:24 Luca’s 1st space walk
30:55 Luca’s faulty space suit on his 2nd space walk
33:06 Finding his way back as the helmet filled with water
37:01 Training for the unknown
39:50 Being in a space suit for 7+ hours in space
46:28 ESA’s CAVES training program
49:35 Moving around and working in the ISS
52:17 Whats a normal work day on the ISS?
54:29 What do you do in your time off on the ISS?
56:31 Does weightlessness affect how you think or feel?
58:34 Do you think the moon should be a stepping stone to Mars?
59:39 Did you work with Robonuats like NASA’s R2?
01:05:04 Would you go to Mars if offered the mission?
01:05:56 How important is psychological profiling for the Mars Missions
01:08:34 Is there a quarantine period before going to the ISS?
01:11:04 What advice would you give for someone wanting to be an astronaut?
01:14:52 If you weren’t an astronaut, what would you be?

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Presented by
Paul Shillito

Special thanks to
Luca Parmitano
and Devin Johnson

There was a slight technical issue with the recording of Luca’s video feed which showed up as 16 minutes of low FPS footage starting around 47 minutes in which only became apparent after the recording was over but it does not affect the audio, which is the most important part and it resolves itself afterwards.

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