Top 7 Near Fatal Injuries That People Survived

Amazing stories of people who survived the Impossible and what should have been fatal injuries, from being cut in half to having a 4-foot metal spike go clean through the man’s head, they could be considered either very unlucky or very lucky depending on your point of view.

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In June 2006 38 year Truman Duncan from Cleburne, Texas was working at his job on the railway. He was in the process of connecting two rail cars when he slipped and ended up falling under the wheels of the moving railcar which effectively cut him in half. He lost part of his pelvis, his left leg, kidney and his right leg from below the thigh.
When most people would have just passed out during this horrific accident he managed to hang the train until it came to a stop and then rang 911 on his cell phone to alert the emergence services………

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