What if ?….. 5 Decisions That Changed The World

We are all products of the decisions that we and others make every single day of our lives but some decisions have repercussions that are sometimes so far reaching that they can affect everybody on the planet.

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In this video we have picked out five decisions that changed the world.

The Cuban missile crisis was probably the closest we have come to a nuclear conflict and many thank Kennedy for facing down the Soviets by blockading Cuba and turning back the Soviet supply ships.
But the more important decision was for Kennedy to ignore the advice from General Curtis LeMay the Air Force chief of staff.
General Curtis LeMay clashed with Kennedy and said that the blockade was a weak political action that would lead to war. He suggested that he should be allowed to bomb the Cuban missile sites and that would force Moscow to back down instead of face a nuclear shoot out.

If you celebrate Christmas or enjoy having Sunday off work, then you’ve got to thank one man almost 1700 years ago for his decision to adopt a minor religion that had been persecuted for over 200 years and it’s not Jesus Christ.
That man was the Roman Emperor Constantine and his religious conversion took place during the civil war when the roman empire was effectively in two parts with Constantine coming from Britain in the west and Maxentius ruling the east and holding Rome.
Christianity back then was a banned religion because amongst other things, Christians refused to participate in the Imperial cult. This cult regarded the roman emperors and members of their families as gods, anyone who refused to acknowledge this was committing treason which was punishable by death.
In 312AD Constantine was about to fight a key battle in the war and prayed for divine help. Afterwards he claimed to see a burning cross in the sky. Later that night he dreamt that god told him use the sign of the cross on his soldiers shields and on the standard to safeguard all his battles.

Sometimes the actions of a single man’s conscience can make a decision that can the affect the future of a whole nation.
On September 11th 1777, 12,500 British troops had landed at the northern end of Chesapeake Bay and headed through Pennsylvania toward the patriot capital of Philadelphia.
Guarding their flank and hiding in the woods were a detachment of green-clad British marksmen on the lookout for American forces led by General George Washington.
The marksmen’s commanding officer was Captain Patrick Ferguson, a 33-year-old Scotsman who was said to be the finest shot in the British army.
Ferguson and three of his men spotted a cavalry officer dressed in the colourful uniform of a European hussar followed by a senior American officer wearing a high cocked hat.

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