A fanciful conception of a multi-generation star-ship/habitat. Probably not very realistic or feasible – just playing with the idea…

The generation-ship concept involves generations of colonists living out their lives aboard the star-ship, and centuries later their descendants arrive at the destination.

The concept doesn’t rely on exotic technologies such as faster-than-light travel, hyperdrive, etc. Its not a new idea. Several well-known science fiction writers have dealt with the subject, most notably Robert Heinlein in “Universe”, Arthur C Clarke in “Rendezvous With Rama”, and Van Vogt in “Far Centaurus”.

Heinlein’s colonists lived in an enclosed habitat. Their society declined over time, and eventually they forgot that they lived on an artificial structure.

Rama’s aliens, their nature and motives were never fully revealed but Clarke hinted at suspended-animation techniques used to survive the long journey.

Van Vogt’s colonists finally arrive at their destination after centuries in flight only to find the system already colonised by Earth, with the aid of advanced technologies.

All 3d models, animation by fragomatik

All textures by fragomatik except where specified below:

Aerial landscapes by CGTextures
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Synergy/Orbital – Generated by Cyberlink Smartsound (PowerDirector4)
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