HOPE VASIMR® Technology Human Outer Planet Exploration Vehicle

HOPE VASIMR® Technology Advanced Plasma Propulsion Piloted Vehicle

*VASIMR® is a registered trademark of Ad Astra Rocket Company

Based on the concept vehicle designs presented by the NASA RASC (Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts) team in 2003.
A somewhat dated design from the early 2000’s – perhaps not as “sexy” as the Nautilus-X MMSEV which was conceived nearly a decade later, but still well worth a look in my opinion!

Sources were the following publications by Pat Troutman and Kristen Bethke, et al:

HOPE Piloted Concepts Publication

HOPE Piloted Concepts Presentation

3D Models and animation by fragomatik
Some assets, images and textures courtesy NASA

Music track “Xristospiano” by the wonderful and generous Torley Wong!
License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/3.0/us/


This music is made available by Torley under Creative Commons license at Archive Org:

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