(Superseded) NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts(NIAC) – Turbolift

Demonstration video of the Linear Artificial Gravity re-rehabilitation system proposed by IMSG Laboratories Inc. and selected for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase I study. Video © 2016 Perry Papadopoulos


This animation was commissioned by Jason Gruber of IMSG Laboratories Inc to demonstrate a method of micro-gravity mitigation.
The idea is that acceleration/deceleration imposes “forces” on the body that act and feel like gravity.
The traditional centrifugal artificial gravity(AG) can cause unwanted side-effects.
Linear AG seeks to address this by minimising the side-effects, while maximising the therapeutic effects.

Jason A Gruber (Principal Investigator & NIAC Fellow)
Jace Gruber (Test Pilot)
Torin Clark
Kimia Seyedmadani
Sjon H Buckhalter
Bryan Reed
Vaughn Cooper
Ricki Laviano

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