Turbolift + Pods + DSG

A 360-degree 24-sec looping fly-by of the Deep Space Gateway with the short-track Turbolift module.

Turbolift Hybrid Artificial Gravity concept proposed by IMSG Laboratories Inc. and selected for NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) Phase I study.


Artist’s conception of the Turbolift system, illustrated together with the Deep Space Gateway as per the Evolvable Mars Campaign.

Jason A Gruber (Principal Investigator & NIAC Fellow)
Jace Gruber (Test Pilot)
Professor Torin K. Clark
Kimia Seyedmadani
Sjon H Buckhalter
Bryan Reed
Vaughn Cooper

“Grass” by Silent Partner (courtesy youtube audio library)
“Dramatic” by Jace Gruber

3D-Modeling and Video © 2017 by Perry Papadopoulos All Rights Reserved – www.youtube.com/fragomatik

Images courtesy NASA and NASA’s Scientific Visualization Studio

Skybox created using SPACESCAPE by Alex Peterson

Some 3d assets courtesy NASA

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