What Happened to the Nuclear Test Sites?

Nuclear testing ended over 20 years ago but the legacy of the test areas still remains and will do for hundreds or thousands of years. 8 countries have actively tested nuclear weapons, some in their own backyard if it was big enough like the Soviet Union and the US but they also used others peoples backyards in the Pacific, the British and French did this.

But what happened to the test sites, in this video we look at the US and Soviet test programs and what became of them and the people nearby.

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Presented by Paul Shillito

Written and researched by Paul Shillito

Images and Footage
Atomic energy Commission,
Dept of Defence,
University of California / PNAS,
Carl Willis,
US Dept of Energy, AtomicHeritage,
Laboratory of Environmental Studies

For more info on the cleanup of the Eniwetok atoll by the US servicemen visit http://www.atomiccleanupvets.com

NUPI report in the Semipalatinsk nuclear testing: The humanitarian consequences

The periodic table at 1:42 courtesy of Todd Helmenstine, sciencenotes.org

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