Surviving in the Expanse of Space

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Space is an incredibly harsh and immense environment absent of everything we need to live, and abundant only in harsh radiation and dangerous micro-meteors. Today we will examine how those will impact humans who come to dwell on space ships or habitats.

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Surviving in the Expanse of Space
Season 4, Episode 15

Isaac Arthur

Keith Blockus
Mark Warburton
N Kern

Isaac Arthur

Cover Artist
Jakub Grygier

Graphics Team
Jarred Eagley
Jeremy Jozwik
Katie Byrne
Luuk Warringa
Nick Nieuwoudt
Sam McNamara
Sergio Botero:

Isaac Arthur

Music Manager
Luca De Rosa – [email protected]

Lombus, “Cosmic Soup”
Denny Schneidemesser, “Novus Aeterno Bridge Ambience”
A.J. Prasad, “Staring Through”
Brandon Liew, “Into the Storm”

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