Post Scarcity Civilizations: Reality & Simulation

If sufficiently high-tech civilizations can simulate almost anything they desire, what would be the impact on how they viewed reality?

Today we will explore the possible effects on civilizations when it’s individual members can have anything they want, and if society can even continue to exists if its members cease interacting with each other in favor of simulated realities.

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Post-Scarcity Civilizations & Reality
Season 4, Episode 21

Isaac Arthur

Keith Blockus
Sigmund Kopperud
Darius Said
Edward Nardella

Isaac Arthur

Cover Artist:
Jakub Grygier

Graphics Team:
Jeremy Jozwik
Justin Dixon
Kristijan Tavar
Legion Tech Studios
Sergio Botero

Isaac Arthur

Music Manager
Luca De Rosa [email protected]

Dracovallis, “Cynthia” & “The Frozen Chamber”
Stellardrone, “Satellite”
Aerium, “Parks”
Epic Mountain, “Zero Gravity”
Lombus, “Time Slip”
Chris Zabriskie, “Wonder Cycle”
Markus Junnikkala, “The Time That is Given to us”

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