Upward Bound: The Environments of Space Habitats

A look at environments and ecology on truly massive space stations.
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As we expand in space and build ever large space stations, true space habitats, we will need to incorporate ecosystems into them. However, such space habitats will have their own weather and cycles unlike those of Earth, and we will need to adapt to those unique conditions, which will vary by size and type. Today we will look at everything from smaller rotating habitats like Kaplana One and O’Neill Cylinders to vast structures such as Ringworlds, Supramundane Planets, Mega-Earths, and see the unique challenges each of them will offer us in the future.

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Upward Bound:
The Environments of Space Habitats
Episode 157, Season 4 E43

Daniel McNamara
Isaac Arthur
Laura Graham
Mark Warburton
Stuart Graham https://beyondnerva.wordpress.com

A.T. Long
Gregory Leal https://www.gregschool.org/
Jerry Guern
Keith Blockus
Matthew Campbell
Sergio Botero https://www.artstation.com/sboterod?fref=gc
Sigmund Kopperud

Isaac Arthur

Cover Artist:
Jakub Grygier https://www.artstation.com/jakub_grygier

Graphics Team:
Bryan Versteeg http://spacehabs.com
Fishy Tree https://www.deviantart.com/fishytree/
Jarred Eagley
Jeremy Jozwik https://www.artstation.com/zeuxis_of_losdiajana
Justin Dixon
Katie Byrne
Ken York https://www.facebook.com/YDVisual/
Mihail Yordanov
Mike Munt http://www.apogii.uk
Sam McNamara
Sergio Botero https://www.artstation.com/sboterod?fref=gc

Isaac Arthur

Music Manager:
Luca DeRosa – [email protected]

Sergey Cheremisinov, “Sirius” https://www.s-cheremisinov.com
Stellardrone, “Belt of Orion” https://stellardrone.bandcamp.com
Kai Engel, “Endless Story abut Sun and Moon” https://www.kai-engel.com/
Aerium, “Drowned Holodecks” https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRnUJY3l5vIJFGsY3XvW4dQ
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