Sleeper Ships

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To journey across the stars requires voyages of centuries or more, ensuring the crew will be long dead by the time they arrive. If you want your crew available to colonize new worlds after their interstellar voyage, you either have to extend their lives, train their descendants, or freeze them till they arrive. We will examine the third option day, freezing people with cryonics, using hibernation, or suspended animation, or some other form of stasis the future might offer.

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Credits: Sleeper Ships
Episode 161, Season 4 E47

Writer: Isaac Arthur

Daniel McNamara
Darius Said
Edward Nardella
Jerry Guern
Keith Blockus
Mark Warburton
Matthew Acker
Olly Epsom

Producer: Isaac Arthur

Cover Artist: Jakub Grygier

Graphics Team:
Bryan Versteeg
Fishy Tree
Jeremy Jozwik
Ken York of YD Visual <a href=”” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow”>
LegionTech Studios
Mike Munt of Apogii
Sergio Botero

Narrator: Isaac Arthur

Music Manager: Luca DeRosa – [email protected]

Markus Junnikkala, “Plotting a Course”
Dan MacLeod, “Deompression” & “Gravity Well”
Aerium, “The Darwin Project”
Lombus, “Amino”
Markus Junnikkala, “Always Tell Me the Odds”

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