Pegasus VTOVL Launcher and Transport


The 3D models in this video are based on illustrations found in the 1969 publication “Frontiers of Space” by Philip Bono and Kenneth Gatland. Images from the book are linked in the ‘Sources’ section, below.

In the 60’s Philip Bono pioneered re-usable single-stage-to-orbit (SSTO), vertical take-off and vertical-landing (VTOVL) spacecraft design.

Bono was an engineer at Douglas Aircraft Company (which eventually merged with McDonnell Aircraft in 1967 to form McDonnell Douglas).

Bono was a visionary and inventive engineer whose work influenced spacecraft design for many years.

Based on his work was the famous “Delta Clipper” (McDonnell Douglas DC-X/A), a re-usable VTOVL which flew in the early 90’s – more than two decades before Space-X’s remarkable achievements.

Amongst Bono’s innovations was a reusable plug-nozzle rocket engine which doubled as a liquid-hydrogen-cooled heatshield.

Bono was an advocate of intercontinental sub-orbital transport, which could drastically reduce international travel time.

For example: New York to Singapore in approximately 40 minutes.

One of his designs was “Pegasus”, a ballistic VTOVL launch vehicle.

Pegasus could provide rapid Intercontinental transport for 170+ passengers, or deliver ~91 tonnes to 560km orbit.

Technically, Pegasus was a semi-SSTO (Single-Stage-To-Orbit) vehicle, as it used re-usable drop tanks to achieve orbit. This reduced total mass for better control during the re-entry phase.

A variable-geometry configuration was also proposed, to provide aero-braking and attitude control during re-entry, primarily as a military transport.


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