Boeing’s 4 Million lbs Payload Rocket (LMLV) Large Multipurpose Launch Vehicle Concept

A 1968 NASA-sponsored study of a large multipurpose launch concept

A potential application of this launch vehicle concept is for launching future manned interplanetary, extended lunar, and large space station payloads. For many missions, the payload versatility of the launch vehicle system could be used to orbit the total payload requirements in a single launch, obviating the need for orbital assembly. Previous mission analysis information indicated that a payload capability from one to four million pounds to low earth orbit would adequately cover the range of these mission requirements

The concept is a “building-block” vehicle system that features a main stage capable of single- stage-to-orbit operation and add-on stages, either boost assist or upper stages, that afford a broad range of payload capability.
Ten 372-inch solid motors would have resulted in a payload up to 4.2 million pounds


By Edward W. Gomersall: Research Scientist
John G. Brunk: Advanced Vehicle System Manager, Launch Systems Branch, Space Division, The Boeing Company.

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