A Legitimate Salvage

My modest homage to the most bad-arse ship in all The Expanse: the Rocinante. Can’t wait for the next season!

Animation © 2020 by fragomatik

Original Rocinante Model by Adrian I. from 3D Warehouse:

Used under the 3dwarehouse General License:

This model was extensively modified by me for use within Imagine v2.19 (with additional details added), and textured using the textures used in Michael Grosberg’s excellent paper-model, which can be found at the link below:

Textures used are from the paper model created by Michael Grosberg:

Skybox generated using Spacescape by Alex Peterson:

Sky and planetarium images generated by Stellarium, used with permission – thanks Fabien!
Stellarium is an excellent (and free!) planetarium software which can be found here:

Digital static by NeoAmsterdam. An interesting and informative explanation is provided on NeoAmsterdam’s video description:


Music: Courtesy YouTube Audio Library
Wolfmother by Loopop
Final Boss by Myuu

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