The Fermi Paradox: The Phosphorus Problem

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The genesis and origin of life may require a very rare and delicate mixture of certain chemicals. One of those is phosphorus, and trying to figure out how we ever got enough of it in Earth’s primordial soup for life to form in the first place has long puzzled scientists. We will also discuss the recent discovery of Phosphine Gas in Venus’s Atmosphere

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The Fermi Paradox: The Phosphorus Problem
Science & Futurism with Isaac Arthur
Episode 257; September 24 20, 2020
Produced, and Narrated by Isaac Arthur
Written by Isaac Arthur & Jerry Guern

Keith Blockus
Mark Warburton
S. Kopperud

Cover Art:
Jakub Grygier

Bryan Versteeg
Jeremy Jozwik
Katie Byrne
Kristijan Tavcar
Sergio Botero

Music Courtesy of Epidemic Sound

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