18 Weird Phone Facts

Mobile Phones have become so integral to modern life that they changed the way we work, communicate, relax and play, in this video we look at 18 weird phone facts

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1. When the iPhone was introduced in 2007, the Apple CEO used it to make a public prank call, ordering 4,000 lattes from a nearby Starbucks.
However, The engineers of the prototype iphone which jobs was using were also relieved that it worked without a hitch throughout the presentation, as then unfinished iphone had been buggy and unreliable, so Jobs only showed the iphone doing things that they though it wouldn’t crash it.

2. Approximately 100,000 phones each year are lost or damaged beyond repair by being accidentally dropped down toilets in the united kingdom.

3. Talking of toilets your phone has more 18 times bacteria on it than a toilet seat.

4. More people in the world own a mobile than a toothbrush, or a Toilet

5. Apple owes much of its fortune to the iPhone, with over 830 million sold it has made approximately 70% of the companies $200B cash pile.

6. The most popular single phone model in the world has been the Nokia 1100 with over 250 million sold which also makes it the biggest selling electronic gadget in history.

7. Video and photos uploaded via mobiles to Facebook now accounts for up to 27% of all upstream web traffic.

8. Mobiles are incredibly energy efficient compared to a PC for example, with an iPhone costing just 18p or 25c per year to run if its fully charged once a day.

9. The technology behind a modern smartphone is relies upon up 250,000 separate patents.

10. 48% of smartphone owners in the US say that couldn’t live without their devices.

11. In the 9 years since the first iPhone was released and up until April 2016, Apple has sold about 830 million iPhone’s which works out at an average of 261,000 iPhone’s per day worldwide or about 3 every second since its launch in 2007.

12. 99% of malware is targeted at Android phone users…..


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