A Brief History of Moon Hoaxes – Why do people still believe in them?

Go to google and type in “site: Moon hoax” and you get back over 670,000 websites that reference in some way or another that the moon landing were faked or we have never been to the moon at all.

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How did we get from one of the greatest technological achievements of the 20th century to believing that it was a massive cover-up by NASA, the CIA, the government or a combination of all three?, and why almost 50 years after the first Apollo missions, with all the scientific proof available, do an increasing number of people believe in an a radically different version of reality?.
Conspiracy theory’s about the Apollo missions have been circulating since before the moon landings.
One of the first reported instances of people not believing that the moon landings were true came on December 18th, 1969, 5 months after first moon walk, when the New York Times science reporter , John Noble Wilford in an article called “A Moon Landing? What moon landing?” remarked that ― “A few stool warmers in Chicago bars are on record as suggesting that the Apollo 11 moon walk last July was actually staged by Hollywood on a Nevada desert.”
Six months later, on June 15th 1970, the Atlanta Constitution led with the story “Many skeptics feel moon explorer Neil Armstrong took his ‘giant step for mankind‘ somewhere in Arizona”. The article was based on a poll of 1,721 U.S. citizens that were asked “Do you really, completely believe that the United States has actually landed men on the moon and returned them to earth again?”
The poll results showed that less than 5% of responders in Detroit, Miami, and Akron believed they were fake but that increased to 54% of African Americans in places such as Washington DC.
An early common theme was that because of the cold war between the US and the Soviets, the US could not be seen to lose the race to the moon but when they realized that it couldn’t be done, NASA faked the missions and used the funds to buy the silence of potential whistle blowers.
Other ones said that we could never get to the moon because the astronauts would have been killed by the radiation in the Van Allen Belts which surround the earth. This is down a poor understanding of the science of radiation and that all radiation is not the same. As we will see, It’s this “bad science” that is the underpinning of most the moon hoax theories”
One theory by William Brian said that we did go to the moon but only with the help of Alien technology and NASA couldn’t risk the public finding out about this as they would have disclosed how they got.

Pictures and video’s of space credit : NASA

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