Animal Astronauts – The Space Race’s Unwitting Pioneers

Everyone remembers Yuri Gagarin the first man in space but before his famous flight there had been many more living space pioneers who didn’t really have any choice about being strapped in to an experimental rocket.


Sponsors: Symon Hamer, Florian Hesse, Hunter Schwisow, Pyloric, Seb Stoodley, Oscar Anderson, Peter Cote, Cody Belichesky, Mogoreanu Daniel, Douglas Gustafson, Marcus Chiado, Mitchell payce, Skalgrin, Jorn Magnus Karlsen, John Roscoe.

Presented by Paul Shillito
Written & Researched by Martin Keilty
Additional Material By Paul Shillito
Footage and Images NASA, ESA, Roscosmos
Music By Mike G. Mullen, BMI

Music Soundtrack available here:

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