De-Extinction: Resurrecting the Past

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Ever since we started finding fossils of long extinct species we’ve dreamed of getting to meet them, either by finding some secluded group of survivors, using a time machine, or resurrecting them. As our knowledge of genetics grows, this last option is fast approaching as a possible reality and raises many additional concerns about the technical and ethical challenges, not least of which is where to put them, with their former environments now used by people or other critters. We will examine these challenges today.

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Isaac Arthur
Laura Graham
Eustratius Graham
Mark Warburton

Isaac Arthur

Script Editors:
Gregory Leal
Keith Blockus
Matthew Acker
Naomi Kern
Sigmund Kopperud

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Edward Nardella
Jarred Eagley
Justin Dixon
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Misho Yordanov
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Stefan Blandin

Miguel Johnson, “The Commanders”
Lombus, “Hydrogen Sonata”
Miguel Johnson, “So Many Stars”
Markus Junnikkala, “A Memory of Earth”
Sergey Cheremisinov, “Labyrinth”
A.J. Prasad, “Staring through the cracks in reality, part 2″
Brandow Liew, “Into the Storm”

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