How destructive is the Human Race?

In a normal average day, for the vast majority of us, not a lot happens. You get up, go to work, come home, watch the TV, browse the net, maybe go out then it’s back home and bed.

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However, there 7.5 billion of us, so during a normal average day for the human race, extraordinary things happen. When we look at our combined actions, you start to realize just how big our society is and just what the effects are on us and the rest of the planet.
Look up to the sky and if its clear and dark night you might see the International Space Station as it orbits 220 miles above the earth at 17,500 miles per hour.
In one day, the astronauts on the ISS will travel just over 420,000 miles, about 677,000km, that’s the equivalent of going to the moon and coming 75% of the way back, every day and they will see the sunrise and sun set 16 times.
Meanwhile back on earth, in one day, 82,000 people get married, 20,000 get divorced, 550,000 babies are conceived, of which around 70% will survive pregnancy and lead to 385,000 people being born and for 159,000 of us it will be our last day on earth.
In one day, around 3,500 people will die in road traffic accidents, 3,200 in other accidents, 2,300 people will commit suicide, 1,650 as the result of violence, 1,100 from falls, 1,060 from drowning, 950 from poisoning, 850 from fire and 500 as a result of armed conflict.
In one day, infectious diseases will account for the loss of about 11,700 people from respiratory infections, 5,900 from diarrhoea, 5,600 from HIV/AIDS, 4,000 from Tuberculosis, 2,400 from malaria, 354 from STD’s, 288 from Hepatitis B, 17 from intestinal nematodes and 15 from .
In one day, 47,000 people will pass away from heart attacks, 21,000 from cancer, 11,000 from non-infectious respiratory diseases, 7,600 from obesity related issues, 5,600 from digestive diseases, 3,400 from neuropsychiatric conditions, 3,100 from diabetes, 2500 from genitourinary diseases. 1,300 will die from malnutrition and we will kill 115,000 of our own unborn children and euphemistically call it termination.
In one day, We collectively shed 35 million litres of tears, enough to fill 14 Olympic sized swimming pools. We will breath 196 billion cubic meters of air, 14 times the size if the biggest building in the world, the Boeing Everett factory in Washington built to make the Boeings biggest planes.
In one day, we humans produce 10 billion litres of urine, enough to fill 4000 Olympic swimming pools. 1 million tonnes of facies with a volume of equal to 1 million cubic meters, enough to fill the empire state building and enough methane to provide energy for 35,000 US households……

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