We return to the Upward Bound Series to look at spaceports, giant structures dwarfing the modern International Space Station, with a focus on the Gateway Spaceport design.

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Technical Consultants
Dr. Thomas Spilker
John Blincow
Kit Carson
Rod Pyle

Script Editors
Andy P
Kit Carson
Matthew Acker
Sigmund Kopperud (Wicked Woxel)
Keith Blockus

Graphics Team:
Edward Nardella
Jarred Eagley
Justin Dixon
Katie Byrne
Kris Holland of Mafic Stufios:
Misho Yordanov
Pierre Demet
Sergio Botero:
Stefan Blandin

Sergey Cheremisinov, “Sirius”
Miguel Johnson, “So Many Stars”
Aerium, “Fifth Star of Aldebaran”
Sergey Cheremisinov, “Labyrinth”
A.J. Prasad, “Cold Shadow”
Markus Junnikkala, “A Memory of Earth”

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