Team Vision 2006 Proposal Jupiter III

Team Vision 2006 Proposal
An Alternate Approach towards Achieving the New Vision
for Space Exploration

The Jupiter-III HLV is a revolutionary idea that seeks to revamp the current External Tank/SRB system of the Space Shuttle to produce a cutting-edge heavy lift launch vehicle. This proposal involves replacing the forward attachment of the External Tank with a more formidable structural system, thereby enhancing the capacity to transmit higher thrust and rotational loads. The new center tank’s upper inter-stage region would drive the attached External Tank/SRB components, reducing the stress on the aft attachment points of the LH2 tanks.

This HLV concept leverages the External Tank/SRB stack as a common core booster, providing ample room for adjustments in lift capacity through modifications to the central core lift vehicle. The parallel burn configuration of the Jupiter-III HLV offers numerous advantages, including a reduction in development costs, improved structural efficiency, and heightened payload capacity flexibility. With a large proportion of already developed components in the Shuttle External Tank/SRB system, the costs of developing this HLV would be kept to a minimum.

Moreover, the Jupiter-III HLV would optimally utilize the Kennedy Spaceflight Center’s Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) volume, making it a more practical option than conventional stacked lift vehicle designs. With further extensions to a four SSET Jupiter V configuration integrated around a new 14 Meter ICES core and main/2nd stage engines, the lift capacity of this HLV could potentially surpass 1,000 metric tons to low Earth orbit, making it a game-changer in the aerospace industry.


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