Why Does SpaceX Use 33 Engines While NASA Used Just 5?

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The race to the moon is back on, but why does SpeceX’s Starship & super heavy booster need 33 engines when NASA’s Saturn V rocket, which went to the moon six times 55 years ago only needed five. We look at what has changed since then and why many smaller engines and all the extra complexity that comes with them seem to be the way forward for the modern space industry.

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Written, Researched, and Presented by Paul Shillito

Images and footage: Images and footage : NASA, SpaceX, SkyshowTV

Eριχθόνιος JL
Adriaan von Grobbe
Alex K
Alipasha Sadri
Andrew Gaess
Andrew Smith
Bengt Stromberg
Brian Kelly
Carl Soderstrom
Charles Thacker
Daniel Armer
erik ahrsjo
Florian Muller
George Bishop II
Glenn Dickinson
Jesse Postier
John & Becki Johnston
John A Cooper
John Michaelson
Ken Schwarz
László Antal
Lorne Diebel
Mark Heslop
Matti Malkia
Patrick M Brennan
Paul Freed
Paul Shutler
Peter Engrav
Robert Sanges
Ryan Emmenegger
Sirrianus Dagovax
stefan hufenbach
Steve Ehrmann
Steve J – LakeCountySpacePort
Tim Alberstein
Tyron Muenzer

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